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Welcome to the Religious Education Association, an Association of Professors, Practitioners, and Researchers in Religious Education. We meet and work together to advance substantive research, probing scholarship and practical approaches to religious education, particularly through our journal Religious Education and our scholarly monograph series Horizons in Religious Education.

 2016 Annual Meeting was held in Pittsburgh

We are an international multi-faith organization which gathers in person once a year. We just held this year’s meeting in Pittsburgh, PA on November 4-6th, with a focus on Generating Hope: The Future of the Teaching Profession in a Globalized World. The Proceedings of the meeting are now available online, and videos of plenary sessions will be available at our Vimeo page in a couple of months.

  • New book: Leading Congregations and Nonprofits (posted on 30 November 2016)

    REA member and Luther Seminary professor Terri Elton’s latest book was just published: Leading Congregations and Nonprofits in a Connected World: Platforms, People, and Purpose Writing collaboratively with Rabbi Hayim Herring, Terri explores emerging practices for leading and organizing congregations and nonprofits in our increasingly networked lives. Drawing on studies of congregations across denominations, and nonprofits with historic ties ...

  • New Book: Theology Made in Dignity (posted on 28 November 2016)

    Our president,  Bert Roebben, announces the publication of his latest book: Theology Made in Dignity: On the Precarious Role of Theology in Religious Education “In a post-secular society contemporaries are challenged to raise and face existential questions in the midst of a plurality of (religious and non-religious) worldviews. Children, adolescents and young adults are especially eager for orientation ...

  • Save the date! Cátedra Freire (posted on 23 November 2016)

    March 23-25, 2017 Sponsored by the Hispanic-Latino/a Center at Garrett – Evangelical Theological Seminary, the 2017 Cátedra Paulo Freire will explore the notion of hope from a variety of angles identifying where small seeds of hope are germinating and multiplying despite the current desolate and hardened soils of our communities and cities. In a world traumatized ...

  • Grieving the death of Yolanda Smith (posted on 12 November 2016)

    We are deeply sad to share that our former president and longtime colleague Yolanda Smith has died. Here is the announcement from Yale: Colleagues, It is my sad duty to report that Yolanda Smith has passed away. Yolanda was a beloved member of our community whose gentle but buoyant and courageous spirit inspired all of us. We ...

  • Bert Roebben reflects on Pittsburgh... (posted on 6 November 2016)

    As our meeting in Pittsburgh winds down, program chair and incoming president Bert Roebben continues to reflect on what we are learning.

  • Remembering Allen Moore (posted on 23 October 2016)

    Boston University has now published a lengthy celebration of Allen Joe Moore’s life and work. You can also access the full obituary, and a recording of the memorial service which was held on October 4th. We will make Allen’s passing at the REA meeting, but in the meantime we hope these links invite joyful memories!

  • Teaching and learning in American congregations (posted on 11 October 2016)

    We’re pleased to share the recently released article by Dr. Joseph Crockett, “Teaching and Learning in American Congregations.” Dr. Crockett represents the NCC and serves on the CCSP (Cooperative Congregations Studies Partnership). His article is based on the 2015 research of congregations in the USA and is the third report in a series on congregational ...

  • Research on Retreats for Young People (posted on 9 September 2016)

    Graham Rossiter, a recent plenary speaker at REA, sent us the following announcement: Online availability of the Report The Research on Retreats publication 2016 reports a study of the views of teachers and senior students about retreats in Australian Catholic secondary schools.  The Report is available for free download as a pdf file on the Retreats Research Website:-  http://e-learn.acu.edu.au/grrossiter/retreats/index.html What the ...

  • Pray Without Ceasing: Perspectives in Spirituality Studies (posted on 1 September 2016)

    Bi-annual International Conference of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality (SSCS) 28-29 June 2017 Kappel, Switzerland Announcing its third biannual conference, the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality (SSCS) warmly welcomes its members to a meeting in Kappel, Switzerland, organized together with the Center for the Study of Christian Spirituality of the University of Zurich ...

  • Special virtual issue of BJRE available (posted on 24 August 2016)

    Our colleague journal — the British Journal of Religious Education — has just released a special “virtual issue” which is freely available online, exploring various issues of assessment in the context of religious education, with classic articles from the 1970s on. It’s a fascinating look at how these questions have evolved.

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