Pop-up Zoom August 12

We are experimenting with “pop-up zoom” meetings — the first is tomorrow, August 12th 9 pm NYC time (10 am August 13 Seoul time). All are welcome to join us for a syllabus/teaching brainstorming session. Please register in advance.

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Meet & Greet recording

On Tuesday, August 4th we held a zoom session for members to “meet and greet” our new executive secretary, Dr. Lakisha Lockhart. We’ve now made the video available at our YouTube channel for anyone else who’s interested in learning a bit more about Dr. Lockhart. Feedback is always welcomed either to our networking coordinator, or our new executive secretary!

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Islam and Western Secular Modernity: A Conversation with Nilüfer Göle

The Georgetown University Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs is hosting a zoom conversation with noted scholar Nilüfer Göle on Thursday, August 6th at 12:30pm EDT.

This free event requires a pre-registration, with details available on the event’s website.

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August 12th Teaching/Syllabus Brainstorming Session

Who is on your syllabus? What practices are you teaching? Are they current, relevant, representative of global voices and meeting the needs of students right now? We find ourselves in a very unknown place this fall. We will be teaching students, many online for the first time, during a global pandemic in a time of great racial injustice and resistance. Now, more than ever, it matters what we teach. It matters what voices are on our syllabi. It matters who we ask to guest lecture. It matters what practices we are engaging to stay connected virtually. No one person has all the answers, but if we can come together to brainstorm ideas, thoughts, readings, podcasts, video clips, practices and so much more we can all benefit from the wisdom of many to make our classes spaces of transformation this fall. We hope you can join us…we need your voice!

Join us on Wednesday August 12, 2020 at 9pm New York (10am Thursday in Seoul).

If interested, please register or copy and paste this link to register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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Meet & Greet our new Exec!

Join us at 9 am central, 13 GMT — today, August 4 — for a zoom “meet & greet” with our new executive secretary Dr. Lakisha Lockhart.

Find us via zoom (link was also published in the latest eREACH).

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ALLLM webinar on new ATS standards for lifelong learning

REA’s “related learning organization” partner, ALLLM (the Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry), recently hosted a webinar with Dr. Frank Yamada, who is the Executive Director of the Association of Theological Schools. They recorded the session, and have made it publicly available:

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July 2020 eREACH published

The July 2020 eREACH is now available. It is packed full with information, including an introduction to our new executive secretary, details about changes in our programming related to COVID-19, and much, much more.

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Newman Symposium CFP

Regis College, Canada, Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities Department announces a Virtual Symposium on the First Anniversary of the Canonization of Saint John Henry Newman and 75th Anniversary of the first Newman Symposium at Regis College, October 23, 2020.

Conference Theme: Newman: Scholar, Convert, Reformer, Cardinal, Saint

Keynote Speaker: Dr. John Dadosky, Ph.D., S.T.D.

Details and the call for proposals (deadline August 15th) are available.

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New Executive Secretary!

The Board of the Religious Education Association is pleased to announce that Dr. Lakisha Lockhart, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Chicago Theological Seminary, has agreed to be our next executive secretary starting as of July 15, 2020. Dr. Lockhart takes up this role following the retirement of Dr. Lucinda Huffaker, who has agreed to remain in a consulting role through October.

The search committee for the REA executive secretary consisted of co-chairs Mary Young and Jack Seymour; members Maureen O’Brien, Gina Robinson, and Josh Lunde-Whitler; and ex-officio member Hanan Alexander.

They presented the following recommendation to the Board of the REA, who enthusiastically voted to accept it:

In conducting our search, the committee spoke with the REA president and current executive secretary to determine a job description; advertised for the position; solicited recommendations and applicants; reviewed applicants; determined three finalists; reviewed references; interviewed all; and determined a recommendation. We were delighted with all applicants and we are enthusiastic about this recommendation of Dr. Lakisha Lockhart.

The criteria we examined in our search included the following: knowledge of and vision for REA; perspective on religious education and the roles of the field; commitment to the inclusive vision of REA – international, interreligious, and intercultural; administrative skills including planning, communicating, supervision, finances, and team-building; technological proficiency; and pedagogical creativity.

Dr. Lockhart is an energetic, creative, practical theologian and religious educator. She evidenced a refreshing familiarity with religious institutions and the academy as well as the potential public impact of our field. She is sensitive to people who work in these areas and is aware of the challenges many younger educators face to build a career in the midst of cultural change. Her vision for what REA can become is rich with creativity, relevance, optimism, and adaptive change. She shares the commitments of REA to a widening and inclusive vision of our association and its potential impact.

We were impressed by her pedagogical creativity (e.g. play, embodiment, and use of technology). She offered concrete examples of how REA members could draw on our own extensive and diverse practices of teaching and learning to enhance our annual REA meetings as well as our ongoing collaborative work. She had constructive suggestions of how to enhance our interactions throughout the year.

Moreover, we believe that Dr. Lockhart will assist us all in REA to focus our attention on the current state of our field while encouraging us to envision additional ways we can live out our mission and vision. We are confident that she will work hard to ensure that the multiple voices in our community are heard and connected with the community, including those of younger, under-represented, international, and interreligious scholars and practitioners.

Her personality, professional manner, gifts as a young scholar, and passion for the values of REA make her a welcome recommendation for the position of REA Executive Secretary.

Photo credit: Forum for Theological Exploration

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Support Survey of Children’s Ministries

Researchers connected with Union Presbyterian Seminary are interviewing ministry leaders to listen and learn about the ways you have been connecting with children ages birth to 12 and their families since the COVID-19 pandemic began. They hope to talk with leaders from a diverse set of congregations within mainstream Protestantism. If you are interested in being interviewed, please complete this short form with basic information about you and your congregation by June 30: https://forms.gle/qaHMxz7q5HnRfzNdA. Should you experience difficulties with the online form, please contact RundmanDawn [at] gmail [dot] com for an email version.

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