"In the flow"?

“In the flow” — that’s our theme for the 2010 REA/APPRRE meeting. What does that mean? Where does it come from? Well, of course, part of what we’re hoping is not so much that we tell you what the theme means, but rather that you help us to think it through — in your paper proposals, in colloquia, in plenaries (who would you like to hear from?) We offered some initial suggestions here, but in this blog we hope to spark more wide ranging imagination.

For instance, have you watched this lecture that Michael Wesch gave at the Library of Congress in 2008? He’s an anthropologist who involved his students in doing a participant ethnography of YouTube. It’s definitely worth watching — and may give you at least one sense of how being “in the flow” can be understood in terms of digitally mediated community.

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