Barbara Bradley Hagerty guest speaker at conference

Barbara Bradley Hagerty

NPR Correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty will speak at the 2011 REA Conference. Hagerty is author of the New York Times best seller,  Fingerprints of God: In Search of the Science of Spirituality. Hagerty writes of her book:

This book has been percolating in my subconscious for years, and finally burst to the surface demanding to be written. I was driven by the questions– questions that had puzzled me for years– and I hope they will pique your interest as well.

Questions like: Why are some people more spiritual than others? Is there a God gene? Is there a God spot in the brain, a place where God communicates with us? Are we hard-wired to connect with God? Can we train ourselves to access another, spiritual realm? Is there life after death? And for that matter, is there any evidence for God at all?

Portions of Hagerty’s search can be found on NPR including a special site that asks “Is This Your Brain on God?” worth a review

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