Eric Kandel Documentary screening at Annual Meeting

Eric Kandel: Photo Courtesy of Icarus Films

Conference attendees will have an opportunity to view the film documentary In Search of Memory, an autobiographical account of Nobel Prize Neuroscientist Eric Kandel. The Petra Seeger film has been well received in showings in Germany and the United States. Media information includes the following:

“IN SEARCH OF MEMORY is a compelling blend of autobiography and history that recounts the life of one of the most important neuroscientists of the 20th century and illuminates scientific developments in our understanding of the brain’s role in recording and preserving memory. In addition to archival footage and dramatic re-creations of Kandel’s childhood experiences in Nazi occupied Vienna and his formative years as an emigrant in New York, the film features discussions with Kandel, friends and family, as well as his public lectures in Vienna and New York, which explore both his professional and personal life, especially his emotional ties to Judaism.”

More information on the documentary may be found at Icarus Films.

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