Call for Papers: Mediated “publics”

Many scholars of religious education have been wrestling with the influence of the ascendance of social media on religion and faith communities.  How do mediated publics challenge religious assumptions about community, incarnation, congregation, and the sacraments?  How do new types of publicness reconfigure identity and race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, and/or nationality?

CALL FOR PAPERS:  Special theme issue of the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media:  “Socially-Mediated Publicness”

Social media call into question conventional understandings of what it means to “be public,” what it means to be “in a public,” and even the meaning of “public” itself. New types of publics are emerging because of the technological affordances of social media and individuals may be more visible than ever before, whether they seek this or not. This special issue will explore these issues.

Scholarship is sought from an array of theoretical and methodological perspectives that critically examines how public life is reconfigured because of or in relation to social media.  Articles from diverse fields are encouraged, including media studies, communication, religion, education, critical theory, etc.

By December 12, 2011, you should send a title, abstract, and list of 5 potential reviewers to jobem [dot] publicness [at] gmail [dot] com to help streamline the peer review process.  Articles should be submitted no later than January 6, 2012.  More information can be found on

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