Opportunity to Network with International RE Researchers

Rune Larsson, Dr of theology and director of RPI (Religionspedagogiskt idéforum*), invites colleagues to present themselves and their research on a web site for religious educators: www.rpi.se.  The section of the web site that is devoted to “Educators” aims to inform an international audience of religious educators about the work of colleagues so that they can locate information of special interest and benefit from conversation and collaboration.   As the site grows in breadth and substance, Larsson hopes that it will be a source of information for all kinds of RE teachers and practitioners in the academy, schools, religious communities and families about research in the different fields of RE.

Information is published in English and may include photos and illustrations.  For information about how to submit your information, see the attached invitation.

*RPI is a Swedish network for RE whose members are involved in teaching, training and educating in RE.


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