International Conference on Caring for Children’s Spirituality

The Academic Centre for Practical Theology of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven will host the 13th International Conference on Caring for Children’s Spirituality in July 2013. The venue is the Faculty of Theology in Leuven, Belgium. The conference will take place from July 10-13, 2013.

The conference will explore the complex relation between caring for children and power issues, especially concerning situations where nurturing children’s spirituality is at stake. Power may be used in a positive sense, but the question is also related to the danger of power abuse. Care and power are closely connected, and especially with regard to children; this will lead to interesting discussions. The conference will also foster reflection on nurturing children’s spirituality in classical settings such as schools and parishes. The approach of what is mainly in the German area called ‘theologising with children’ will be explored, next to new methods and views on nurturing children’s spirituality, and others. Special attention will be given to nurturing children’s spirituality in care settings, such as hospitals and psychiatric settings. What do we know about children’s spirituality in care settings and about the power of nurturing their spirituality for their wellbeing and health? How can spirituality be nurtured in a positive way, avoiding power abuse?

Abstracts are invited. Information can be found here:

Conference brochure

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