Call for Papers: “Popular Culture, Multiculturalism, and Religion in Canada”

The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture plans to publish special edition that addresses some of the many questions around multiculturalism and religion in Canada with a specific focus on popular cultural discourse.

Twenty-five years ago Canada implemented the Multiculturalism Act that put into law the Multiculturalism policy first introduced by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1971. Over the history of both the policy and the Act, there have been many measures taken in Canada to increase the viability of a multicultural population. There have also been considerable controversies around the, at times, superficial approach to multiculturalism and, specifically, the way it seems to avoid discussions of religious diversity.

Possible paper themes for this special edition of the Journal could be:

  • Religious groups in multicultural festivals
  • Religious music in folk festivals
  • Canadian TV addressing religious diversity (i.e. Little Mosque on the Prairie, for example)
  • Commodification of religious icons and images in celebration of multiculturalism
  • Interfaith dialogue in multicultural community centers
  • Canada’s new Office of Religious Freedom and the media: multicultural discourses
  • Religious musical themes in secular performance
  • Vision TV and its influence in Canada
  • The lack of religious diversity in multicultural popular culture
  • Comparisons of Canadian multicultural and/or religiously diverse popular culture with other nations/locations

Deadline for submissions is September 1, 2013. Please follow the JRPC submission guideline located:

All papers must be submitted via the online system PRESTO. The submission guidelines give you direction on how to do that. Please indicate in your abstract that your submission is for consideration in the special edition on “Popular Culture, Multiculturalism, and Religion in Canada”.

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