Conference: e-Formation – Faith Formation for a Connected Digital World

An ecumenical conference on the future of faith formation will be held May 31 – June 2, 2013, at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria.  e-Formation: Faith Formation for a Connected Digital World is intended to help participants learn how to integrate digital approaches into faith formation with all ages and generations.

“More and more, the work of Christian faith formation and discipleship is happening online, or at least with help from social media and other Web technology. Parishioners are forming support groups on Facebook to extend their communities’ mutual care beyond Sunday morning. Christians are tweeting if they ♥ Jesus. Digital disciples are praying and serving with help from Mobile content, and apps nurture their spiritual practices and encourage them to bring their Christian faith to bear on the many aspects of their busy lives.  Although our proclamation remains the same, the world is changing very quickly; our ideas about ways to form disciples for that world need to change with it.”

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