There is a movement afoot in the REA to capture the wisdom of senior members by establishing a Senior REA Think Tank

We hope by the middle of February 2014 to nominate key topics to begin the deliberations of this Think Tank and then by the summer of 2014, to sketch out the structure of this endeavor. Twenty-one REA members met in Boston on November 9 and outlined a list of possible topics. Here you will find the initial proposal for this Think Tank as well as the deliberations of the November 9 meeting in Boston. Here is the link to the discussion you are invited to participate in between now and February 15 in establishing the key topic(s) to begin the deliberations of the Think Tank. Log on to:

I am guiding the launching of this Think Tank and would be happy to answer any questions you have about participating.

Bob O’Gorman

rogorma [at] luc [dot] edu

The website discussion is now open for participation!


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