Last Edition of the REA Journal for 2013

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The contents of this journal include:


October/December 2013 108.5


  • Jack Seymour, “Examining Purposes for Religious Education”


  • Katherine M. Douglass, “Aesthetic Learning Theory and the Faith Formation of Young Adults”
  • Leonard Franchi, “Catechesis and Religious Education: A Case Study from Scotland”
  • Leni Franken and Patrick Loobuyck, “The Future of Religious Education in the Flemish School Curriculum: A Plea for Integrative Religious Education for All”
  • Terence Gilheany, “Israeli and Palestinian Teachers’ Self-Reported Motivations for Teaching Religion: An Exploratory Case Study”
  • Eric J. Kyle, “Re-Envisioning Religious Education in Light of Persons with ‘Disabilities’”
  • Hideko Omori, “Religious Education Leading to Higher Education for Women: Historical Insights on Modern Japan”
  • Sarah Tauber, “Key Resources on Jewish Religious Education”

Book Reviews

  • Barbara A. Fears.  Beyond the Pale: Reading Theology from the Margins.  Edited by Miguel A. De La Torre and Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas.
  • Meredith Hoxie-Schol. Waiting for a Glacier to Move: Practicing Social Witness.  By Jennifer R. Ayres.
  • Imad Twal.  Beyond Obedience and Abandonment: Towards a Theory of Dissent in Catholic Education. By Graham P. McDonough.


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