New Book Explores Biblical Wisdom on Intercultural Relationships

We congratulate HyeRan Kim-Cragg on her new book with EunYoung Choi in which they explore the reign of God as it is “sown and fulfilled through differences.” Translated from Korean by Lark Kim, The Encounters: Retelling the Bible from Migration and Intercultural Perspectives explores “the Biblical figures whose lives were marked by migration and crossing boundaries.” In these biblical encounters, we learn more about God who desires compassionate intercultural relationships.

HyeRan Kim-Cragg is Lydia Gruchy Professor of Pastoral Studies at St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon, SK. The Encounters is available for purchase from the author or through the United Church Resource Distribution Store ( The Kindle Edition can be purchased through the REA Bookstore (an Amazon Associate).  Thank you, HyeRan, for this significant new resource!

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