Transportation to hotel

The best transportation option from O’Hare or Midway airports to the hotel is a suburban taxi that charges a flat rate (regardless of number of passengers). Trains do not run directly from the airport to the suburbs. To get to the hotel by train, one would go by train from O’Hare to downtown and then from downtown to the suburbs, which is about a 2-hour trip.

To get these flat rates, you must call the taxi (using the numbers below) after you collect your luggage at baggage claim. Meet the taxi at the third ring of traffic pick-up places outside. (They will tell you what exit door to use to find the place once you tell them what airline you have flown on. That way they know what terminal you are in.)

You cannot get these fares by going to the line of taxis outside.

Taxis take about 20 minutes in normal traffic and charge a flat rate of approximately $30. Companies include:

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