Learning in encounter

In latest book (in Dutch) Bert Roebben considers religious education
in European schools as an opportunity and even as a right for every child
to ‘learn in encounter’ with the religious other. His approach is
narrative, communicative and spiritual. He deals with recent developments
in European RE research, such as children and youth theology, sacred
scripture didactics and interreligious learning. He discusses the role of
the school and the profession of the teacher. Theory and praxis are
interwoven, based on research and teaching in the teacher education
department of Dortmund University (Germany). The book will be presented in
Antwerp (Belgium) on the 16th of September 2015. Bert Roebben will definitely talk more about his work (in English!), when he will be presiding the 2016 REA conference in Pittsburgh (PA).

People interested in reviewing the book should be in contact with Bert directly.


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