CFP for AKRK meeting in September 2016

The “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Katholische Religionspädagogik und Katechetik”
(AKRK – Association of Scholars in Catholic Religious Education and
Catechetics) is an international association of religious education
scholars from German-speaking countries, working at universities,
teachers’ colleges, theological academies and similar institutions.
Researchers from other countries are frequently participating in the AKRK’s
work as well.

The AKRK announces its Annual Meeting to be held in Augsburg (Germany),
September 8-11, 2016. The meeting theme is: “„Rendez-vous mit der
Realität. Religionspädagogischer Umgang mit herausfordernden Zeichen der
Zeit” (“Rendez-vous with reality. Dealing with the challenging signs of
the times”). Main topics are “inclusion”, “fundamentalism” and
“non-denominational students”. The program, call for papers and further
information can be found on

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