CFP: Education and Religion in a Secular Age

One of our members, Prof. Dr. K. H. (Ina) ter Avest, emerita professor in Education and Philosophy of Life, at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences, and former senior lecturer Pedagogics of Religion, VU University Amsterdam, is guest editing a special issue of the journal Education Sciences. The issue will be focused on education and religion in a secular age, and she has posted the call for papers, with essays due June of 2018. Please take a moment to consider responding to the call, and sharing it out widely.

Here is a brief excerpt from the call:

As scholars in the field of education we wish to contribute to the ongoing debate on secularization and pluralization, focusing on the meaning thereof for the education of today’s youngsters—being the constructors of tomorrow’s world. In this Special Issue we explore different aspects of Education and Religion in the 21st century. Of course we will meet the need for conceptual clearness of core concepts, such as secularization, pluralization, religion, worldview and education. The different ways of perceiving ‘a secular age’ in different national and cultural contexts will be explored. The variety of ways responding to modernity’s challenges in education will be studied, in relation to the change of religion’s position in the different national and cultural contexts.

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