Formative Education at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education

The Lynch School of Education at Boston College announces an open rank search for two tenured or tenure track colleagues to be appointed to one of our four departments. We seek colleagues whose scholarship focuses on a broad vision of education and human development that emphasizes the development of meaningful and purposeful lives and encompasses the transformation of the whole person in social context – including ethical, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and interpersonal dimensions. Candidates should share our commitment to an education that fosters wholeness across these dimensions of human functioning, an education that encourages young people and adults to work toward lives of meaning and purpose in community with diverse others. The successful candidates will have an opportunity to work with colleagues across the school and the university on campus-wide initiatives in formative education — including research collaborations, the development of interventions and communications that disseminate Boston College’s expertise in this area. More information about our vision is available at and Applicants should have a background in education, anthropology, history, philosophy, religion, sociology and/or psychology.

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