Business meeting materials

The 2018 Business Meeting will be held following the reception on Friday later afternoon. Please make sure you have read the reports listed here, because we will be using a consent agenda for the first time. As you will see from the Business Meeting Agenda, currently the following items are on the consent agenda (and are included in that page):

  • Minutes of 2017 REA Business Meeting
  • Slate of 2019 nominees
  • Executive Secretary’s report
  • Networking Coordinator’s report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Horizons Editorial Board Report
  • Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation regarding dissolution of assets
  • REA Balance Sheet (with previous year comparison)
  • REA 2019 proposed budget, with 2018 Revenue and Expenses
  • Religious Education Journal Editor’s Report
  • Call for Proposals for 2019 REA

A consent agenda is a process whereby items which generally do not elicit much conversation are presented to the membership in advance of the meeting. Then, at the meeting itself, these items are clustered together in a format that makes clear that they are on the consent agenda. The chair of the meeting inquires of the membership if there are any items they would like moved from the consent agenda to the regular agenda, thus allowing for discussion of them. Any member may ask for something to be moved, and one request is all that is necessary for that movement. Any items remaining on the consent agenda are adopted in whole as they are presented.

This is a mechanism that makes it possible to move through items more quickly, thus creating more room for substantial discussion of items that truly require discussion.

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