Announcing Thomas Groome’s Latest Book, Faith for the Heart: A “Catholic” Spirituality

Leading Catholic religious education scholar and longtime REA member Thomas Groome recently published a new book entitled Faith for the Heart: A “Catholic” Spirituality (Paulist Press, June 2019). He is convinced that it may be his “best ever,” especially for the challenges to educating-in-faith in our increasingly secular age. Tom reflects:

 “I wrote Faith for the Heart especially for the ‘nones,’ for the ‘spiritual but not religious,’ and for anyone challenged in their faith at this time. I’m convinced that engaging the hungers of the heart is key to sustaining people’s spiritual journey and to realizing (perhaps anew) that life lived with faith is far more rewarding than life without it.  While faith requires both the ‘heart’ and the ‘head,’ of course, I believe that in this postmodern age, we must turn again to the heart to engage with the truths, values and spiritual wisdom of Christian faith.

“I deliberately wrote the book in non-technical language and a readable style that should make it pleasant reading. It also has a built-in pedagogy that makes it an ideal text for group reflection and conversation, as well as undergraduate teaching. And ‘Catholic’ in quotes in the subtitle signals that while it arises out of the deep treasury of Catholic Christian faith – my own abiding resource – people in any faith community can benefit from its spiritual wisdom to enrich their own.” 

See this flyer for more information.

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