Please share this survey for an REA PhD student

One of our long time members, Callid Keefe-Perry, is circulating a survey as part of his dissertation research. Please participate and share it widely. Here is his introduction:

Colleagues in the world of Religion and Education!
I’m writing with hopes that you might be able to assist me in completing some research that is a part of finishing my doctoral studies. I have a survey that I’m hoping to have a diverse group of folks from across the US fill out, and I’m wondering if you might be one of them and/or help me to find others who would take it. Are there any folks in your circles that you can imagine would be willing to spend 20 or so minutes completing a survey about schooling? They can be religious or not. They just need to be above 18 years old, currently live in the USA, and willing to share their opinions about the following:
The survey is an investigation of how people think about public schooling, some of the ways that schools are part of how people make meaning in their lives, and how (if at all) schools and spirituality are connected. 
The survey itself is here (, and if you would be willing to take it yourself, share it with any friends, colleagues, or family, I’d be very grateful.
With thanks in advance just for considering it,
Callid Keefe-Perry
Boston University School of Theology

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