Science and Religious Education in Divided Societies

One aspect of our current social divides involves a raging debate over the possibility of “post-truth,” “alternative facts,” and “fake news.” Among other issues, this debate revolves around the proper relation between empirical evidence, on the hand, and various political, cultural, and religious narratives, on the other. One way to consider this debate is by addressing relations between science and religion.

The final plenary of the REA 2019 annual conference featured the theme: “Science and Religious Education in Divided Societies.” The panel of speakers for this session included Michael Reiss, Anglican Priest and Professor of Science Education at University College, London, and President of the International Society for Science and Religion, and Sybrina Atwaters, Director: OMED Educational Services at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Rachel Pear, Research Fellow at the University of Haifa, and Anila Asghar of McGill University.

The moderator for the session was Ari Y. Kelman, Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Education.

The speakers have graciously made their powerpoint slides available, and you can access them by their names: Michael Reiss, Sybrina Atwaters, Rachel Pear, Anila Asghar.

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