CFP: Possibilities for Research in RE

The journal Religions (an open access journal by MPDI) is seeking papers for a Special Issue that will provide a look at important research in religious education that is taking place in diverse areas of the globe and from multiple perspectives. The Special Issue will allow contributors to provide a wide-angle look at critical issues that the field of religious education can and should address in order to make a decided contribution to faith communities and religious educators in a wide range of contexts. Issues and questions that may be presented range from defining a faithful life in a post- coronavirus world and addressing the questions of the coming generations on the impact of religious education on environmental concerns, challenges to justice and equality, economics, religious education and faith in a digital online world, insights into teaching and learning, and the possible influence of neuroscience.

Deadline for manuscript submissions is October 1, 2020. More information is available from Dr. Kathy Winings, Unification Theological Seminary; 4 West 43rd Street, NYC, NY 10036, USA, k [dot] winings [at] uts [dot] edu

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