May 13th Symposium: Dr. Sarah Tauber

Please join us in marking and celebrating the legacy of Rabbi Dr. Sarah Tauber. We will gather virtually on May 13th (please RSVP for the appropriate access information).

The untimely 2020 passing of Rabbi Dr. Sarah Tauber calls for a consideration of the meanings of her bridge-building scholarship and teaching. In this vein, mentors, colleagues, collaborators and students have assembled to offer a testament to her contributions in and beyond academia:

Dr. Jenny Haddad Mosher of the REA will shed light on Rabbi Dr. Tauber as colleague and interfaith bridge-builder.
Dr. Elliot Ginsburg will consider Rabbi Dr. Tauber in her capacity as academic seeker and Aleph rabbinical-school-student-mentee.
Rabbis Blair and Phreddy Nosanswich will call attention to Rabbi Dr. Tauber as graduate school Jewish Education professor and educator.
Maciej Kawalski will engage Sarah in her capacity as screenwriter and memorializer.
Dr. Joshua Krug and Rabbi Jonathan Lipnick will respond, and Dr. Rebecca Shargel will moderate.

Thus, we will begin to understand what Rabbi Dr. Tauber offered scholarship, and beyond. At the end of the session, there will be time for questions, insights, and reflection. There will also be additional contributions and offerings to mark a beloved Jewish education scholar, colleague, teacher, and friend. The symposium is occurring in the context of the Network for Research in Jewish Education 2021 conference, and is co-sponsored by REA, Aleph, and Opening Doors.

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