Aching as we mourn Steffano Montano’s passing

steffano montano
Steffano Montano

Ancestors walk among us. It is with a heavy heart I write to let you know Dr. Steffano Montano passed away on September 24. More than a prophet, poet, and pedagogue, Dr. Montano was and is a beloved friend, father to Malaya, partner to Christina, and colleague to us all. In volume 115, issue 1 of our journal, Dr. Montano challenged the field to “look deeply into the cultural structures, identities, and needs of those whom we are engaging in religious education.” He challenges us to see and hear our members and our communities into their full humanity. Steff did that for all of us. He saw us, his colleagues, into deeper existence. We will miss his presence and hope to share his vision for the guild: one where love and justice go hand-in-hand.

You can read more about Steffano’s life and support his continued work and legacy.

by Patrick Reyes, REA VP and 2022 program chair

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