Multireligious ministry initiatives coordinator

Harvard Divinity School is looking for someone who “Oversees and implements administrative aspects of multireligious ministry initiatives sponsored by the Office of Ministry Studies under the supervision of the Assistant Dean for Multireligious Ministry. This includes the existing Buddhist Ministry Initiative (BMI) and potential future Muslim, Hindu, or other ministry initiatives that are in development and may be launched within the next few years. The current BMI will comprise about 75% of the work and other initiatives and office support comprise the remaining 25%. This work includes arranging and running cross disciplinary colloquia, conferences, and events; administering the details of hosting international faculty and students; helping recruit international students; helping develop and oversee field education placements in diverse settings; monitoring finances and helping to prepare donor reports; assisting with program assessment and review; interviewing, hiring, and supervising student workers; and working cooperatively with the ministry committees and faculty, the denominational counselors, and the Office of Ministry Studies to maintain a unified and coordinated MDiv program that serves the needs of a broad diversity of students. Successful candidates will demonstrate comfort working with people of diverse backgrounds, worldviews and religious, ethical, and/or spiritual concerns in a pluralistic educational setting.”

More information and details on how to apply is available online.

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