Full time operations manager

Restorative Actions is an economic equity initiative that allows U.S. Americans who benefit from institutional racism, to provide credible witness for justice by surrendering ill-gotten gains toward the establishment of just relationships with our Afro-American & Indigenous communities through a series of trusts. This initiative, now nearly two years old, has gathered support from congregations, individuals, and regional governing bodies in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and other mainline denominations. We are now in a position to hire a full time operations manager who, along with the core team and trustees will help move this initiative into its next phase.

Successful candidates for the position will have excellent administrative skills and demonstrated leadership experience in Afro-American and/or Indigenous communities. The Operations Manager will report to the trustees of Restorative Actions. The salary range is $65,000-$75,000 with benefits. Full position description and full list of benefits can be found HERE

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