Make an REA New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!

Whether you typically make new year’s resolutions or not, I hope you will resolve this year to propose a paper, collaborative session, or poster that explores some aspect of the conference theme “Whose Children Are They? Responsibilities for religious formation of a new generation”. Proposals are accepted online (REA 2023 Proposal Submissions) and are due 31 January 2023. Check out the REA2023 | Call for Proposals and REA2023 | Guidelines for Proposals and think about how your work intersects theoretically and/or practically with children and youth.

If you typically focus on adult religious education, imagine how your findings or practices might also have implications for young people’s lives and wellbeing. For instance, how might trauma-informed ministry or racial justice education with adults also help create a different, more spiritually nurturing, world for children? Or how might calling adults to environmental stewardship or redressing broken ecclesial power structures have implications for children’s religious identity formation? Our interdependence across generations means our work with any one generation also affects other generations. Help REA focus attention on the intersections of all our work with children’s religious formation by proposing your offering today!

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