Special journal forum available

We are less than two months away from our annual meeting! We are looking forward to exploring “Whose children are they?” with you.

Did you know there was a pre-conference journal issue with this theme?

If you are a member, go check out the submissions by logging into our member site and heading over to Taylor and Francis. There you will find submissions by:

  • Karen-Marie Yust, “Whose children are they? Talking about responsibility for children’s religious education”
  • Jerome Berryman, “Wondering about whose children they are”
  • Amy Castle, “In transit: Shared motions of responsibility and belonging”
  • Tony Eaude, ‘Reflections from an English perspective on nurturing young children’s spiritual growth and implications for religious education:
  • Brendan Hyde, “Children of the ‘now’: Dispelling some neoliberal assumptions in Christian religious education”
  • James D. Kirylo and Meir Muller, “To serve and unite children within a world of diversity is to recognize the presence of God”
  • Rode Molla, “Children’s experiences matter: An interdisciplinary approach”
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