June 23 conference in the Philippines

Dr. Chesnavage urges us to be aware of a conference about to happen in the Philippines, and sends along this note about it:

Dear Chuck,
I’m sorry that I was not able to respond to you immediately as we are in the thick of preparations now.
Please find below an attachment of our conference poster showing the line-up of speakers (3 local speakers and one from Germany). The first one (Fr Rey Reluto) is a priest engaged in environmental issues in the Philippines. The second is a Catholic educator who will share her work on a youth-specific eco-theology for Filipinos drawn from her dissertation. The third is a Religious Educator/theologian (Prof. Stefan Altmeyer) from Mainz, Germany. The last is a Philosophy professor (Dr. Jeane Peracullo).
There will be online and in-person participants. The first day (June 23, 2023) will be conducted in Hyflex mode. Two plenary speakers will present their papers in-person in the morning. In the afternoon the two other plenary speakers will present their papers virtually. Their online presentation shall be beamed to in-person participants through a screen at the hall and online (zoom) participants. Please note our time difference. We are ahead of New York by 12 hours. 

After each plenary lecture, there will be an opportunity for interaction and clarification with the speakers for 20 minutes. Online participants are encouraged to interact as well. If there are interested colleagues from our community I can send a program flow to show the details of time allotments for each speaker.  
I am looking forward to more possibilities of exchange between our colleagues here in Manila and our Community. And perhaps we can have our professional organization here (Religious Educators of the Philippines- REAP) affiliated with our Community. Just thinking.

For those wishing to participate, please click for the online registration: 


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