Cátedra Paulo Freire 2024, March 14-15, Free

Join us for the Cátedra Paulo Freire 2024, held in-person and online on March 14–15.

In the contemporary landscape of global education, the rise of hate, greed, prejudice, and authoritarianism poses significant challenges to the principles of critical pedagogy. As we traverse the educational landscape of the 21st century, Cátedra Paulo Freire 2024, “Navigating Educational Landscape in Unsettling Times” conference invites educators, researchers, activists, and church leaders to join forces in safeguarding the transformative power of education against the encroachment of authoritarian ideologies.

Our speaker is renowned critical educator and public intellectual Henry Giroux, a prolific author, and political commentator who is one of the founders of critical pedagogy in the USA and has contributed immensely to disseminating its principles of social justice, democracy, and human solidarity. Giroux will explore the theme “Critical Pedagogy in the Age of Emerging Authoritarianism,” showing how education plays a fundamental role in fighting corporate interests that attempt to restrict people’s civil rights and diminish our critical political consciousness to prevent the birth of a substantive democracy.

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