Author name: Horell, Harold

From Mary Rothschild: Technology and Media in Religious Education?

Yes, that’s a question mark. Education in American society is at a watershed moment evidenced by “flipped classrooms,” synchronous and asynchronous online learning and the exchange of resources and information via social media, Google tools, along with “gamification.” Religious education is no exception and there’s no doubt, as Bud Horell points out in his blog […]

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An Exercise in Imagining

John Roberto begins his new book by stating: “What does it mean to reimagine? Dictionaries define it to ‘reinterpret imaginatively,’ ‘rethink,’ ‘imagine again or anew,’ ‘form a new conception of,’ or ‘recreate.’ Reimagining Faith Formation or the 21st Century is true to these definitions. I this book I rethink and recreate a faith formation for

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Art and the Imagination

In Releasing the Imagination, Maxine Greene points out that aesthetic experience requires us to move consciously beyond ourselves to notice what a work of art has to offer, that is, to notice how a work of art stirs our thoughts and feelings and can invite us to experience something new (124). In this way aesthetic

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Religious Education and Imagination

The primary theme for the November REA Annual Meeting 2015 is “Connecting, Disrupting, Transforming: Imagination’s Power as the Heart of  Religious Education.” I invite you to think of this theme in relation to your own life and ministry. Specifically, I ask you to consider: Within your areas of work and academic interests (focusing on religious education

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