REA2023 begins!

REA2023 begins today. We are so excited by all of the papers, collaborative sessions, posters, and plenaries that await our learning on the theme “Whose children are they? Responsibilities for religious formation of a new generation. Check out the schedule and join this entirely online meeting that will unfold throughout the week across numerous countries […]

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Tuesday, July 11 plenary

“Irresponsible answers” Many discussions of children’s religious education focus on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of children’s ministry approaches and practices or the intersections of development and faith formation. However, there’s another area that needs our attention: the historical and continuing malformation of children’s lives by religious institutions because of intentional or implicit bias. An example

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Wednesday, July 12 plenary

“Responses of early childhood educators” A panel of Early Childhood educators and researchers discussing specific preschool and nursery-based approaches to nurturing children’s spirituality and religious identity, as well as the principles and frameworks that others might consider when selecting appropriate ways of being responsible for young children’s religious and spiritual well-being. Japjit Kaur Pnaiser Japjit

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Thursday, July 13 plenary 1

“The role of parents and caregivers” A panel exploring the roles of parents/grandparents/caregivers in tending children’s spirituality and nurturing religious identity/formation. Includes researchers and practitioners from multiple traditions. Duaa Haggag Duaa Haggag, LPC is a Community Educator with The Family & Youth Institute. She holds a Master’s degree in counseling, with a dual certificate in

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July 13 plenary 2

“Responses to adolescence” A panel of youth spirituality experts discussing the religious education needs of adolescents and responsible ways of meeting those needs Annie Lockhart-Gilroy Annie A. Lockhart-Gilroy is a womanist Christian educator and practical theologian that focuses on liberative educational practices, adolescent spirituality, and youth culture. She is Associate Professor of Christian Education and

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