REA Data Holdings

REA holds a variety of data that might be considered sensitive, including system data, membership data, event-related data, and even data we share with third parties.

System Data

Our website maintains logs to help us manage the site and provides cookies to your browser to help us move you smoothly from one part of our site to another.

  • Cookies (these reside on your own browser, but are used by our systems)
  • Logs (access and error logs)

Membership Data

We are a membership organization so maintaining information about our members (and even about potential or past members) is critical to our function as an association.

Essential contact information

We need this information about everyone with whom the association interacts. It is the foundation of our contact management system.

  • Name
  • Email

Membership information

When you become a member of REA we acquire and maintain a further set of information about you.

  • Membership password (only stored in an encrypted form)
  • Membership level
  • Dates joined and changed
  • Renewal due date
  • Directory information
    • Address
    • Institution
    • Phone number
    • Photograph
    • Biography
  • Tags (from time to time we tag attendance, interests, and other attributes of members)

Demographic information

The association aspires to network between members, helping you find others with common interests and letting you know about news that might be valuable to your work. We also use this information for program planning and assessment, to make sure we anticipate and meet your needs.

  • Professional Roles (professor, independent scholar, researcher, student, practitioner, administrator, retired)
  • Position
  • Faith

Event-Related Data

When the association plans meetings, especially our REA Annual Meeting, we solicit and record details that help us serve you better during that event. While this information is not placed on your contact record, it is recorded in records related to each event.

  • Meeting and session registration

Financial information

We actually do not retain any credit card information on REA systems. However we do store identifiers that link transactions on our system (like a donation, membership dues, or meeting registration) with payments on third party systems (like Stripe).

  • Transaction status
  • Transaction identifiers

Data Shared with Third Parties

We cannot accomplish the work of the association with only our own systems. We depend on a wide variety of third parties to help make REA work for you.


Emailing our announcements, updates, and newsletters is accomplished via MailChimp. To send mailings that are relevant to you, we synchronize some of our data with MailChimp. Note that you can always opt out of (unsubscribe from) MailChimp email.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Membership level
  • Tags


Emailing our reminders of membership renewal or meeting sessions. To send these reminders and updates we use Mailgun to email messages.

  • Email
  • Name


If you opt to have an authentication verification message sent to your mobile number, this is accomplished by sending your phone number to Twilio, though we do not send any other identifying information along.

  • Phone number

Taylor & Francis

We provide a subscriber list to Taylor & Francis, the publisher of the journal Religious Education.

  • Name
  • Address


Stripe allows us to collect the credit card information on our site and immediately pass it along for processing.

  • Credit card information (not retained by REA)
  • Transaction status and identifiers

Google Analytics

Information about who is using what on our website is vital to our building a site that serves the membership well. Google Analytics provides us with significant insights in this regard. To get these analytics we allow Google to track who is using our website.

  • Logs and tracking
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