Glossary of Associations

Many of our webpages and papers refer to specific associations or organizations by acronyms or letters alone. That can be very confusing! Here is a glossary of associations we either have some involvement with, our members are also active in, or we have referred to in various papers or workshops. We are not specifically endorsing any of these, but are providing this page for easy reference.

AAR: American Academy of Religion

ACUE: Association of College and University Educators

AERA: American Educational Research Association

AGPIM: Association of Graduate Programs in Ministry

AJRE: Association of Jewish Reform Educators

AJCU: Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities

AKRK: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Katholische Religionspädagogik und Katechetik

ALLLM: Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry

AME: Association for Moral Education

APCE: Association of Presbyterian Church Educators

APT: Association of Practical Theology

ARL: Academy of Religious Leadership

APM: Association of Professors of Mission

ATFE: Association for Theological Field Education

ATLA: American Theological Library Association

ATS: Association of Theological Schools

AUCE-UCC: Association of United Church Educators (UCC)

AYME: Association of Youth Ministry Educators

BACE: Baptist Association of Christian Educators

CAA: Christian Adventure Association

CATFE: Catholic Association for Theological Field Education

CCJR: Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations

CEN: Christian Education Network of the ELCA

Christian Educators Fellowship of the UMC

CAUCE: Connecticut Association of United Church Educators

COGREE: The Coordinating Group for Religious Education in Europe

COMENIUS: Evangelische Arbeitsstätte für Erziehungswissenschaft e. V.

CTS: College Theology Society

CTSA: Catholic Theological Society of America

Deeptime Network

EFTRE: European Forum for Teachers of Religious Education

EUFRES: European Forum for Religious Education in Schools

ELEA: Evangelical Lutheran Education Association

FORMA: A network for Christian formation professionals in the Episcopal Church

FTE: Forum for Theological Exploration

HTI: Hispanic Theological Initiative

IACS: International Association for Children’s Spirituality

IAPT: International Academy of Practical Theology

IASYM: International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry

ISNA: Islamic Society of North America

ISREV: International Seminar on Religious Education and Values

ISSOTL: International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

JEA: Jewish Educators Assembly


LREDA: Liberal Religious Educators Association

LEA: Lutheran Education Association

Maxine Greene Center

NACUC: National Association of College and University Chaplains

NAES: National Association of Episcopal Schools

NAMLE: National Association for Media Literacy Education

NCEA: National Catholic Educational Association

NCCL: National Conference for Catechetical Leadership

NewCAJE: Reimagining Jewish Education for the 21st Century

NMRDC:  Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies

PANAAWTM: Pacific, Asian, and North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry

POD: Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education

REDCo: A contribution to Dialogue or a factor of Conflict in transforming societies of European Countries

RENA: Reconstructionist Educators of North America

RSEN: Religion, Spirituality and Education Network

RUPRE: Research Unit for Public Religion and Education

SARTS: Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies

SCA: Spiritual Care Association

SDI: Spiritual Directors International

SPCE: Society of Professors in Christian Education

SPT: Society for Pastoral Theology

SSSR: Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

YMNET: ELCA Youth Ministry Network

Wabash: Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

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