JEDI Resources

In 2022, the REA committed to structural changes and support aimed at increasing our justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion practices (JEDI). Dr. Christine Hong was chosen as our first JEDI officer, and the Board began what will be a long term process of transform our association to work ever more congruently with our mission and values.

On this page we seek to offer a brief introduction to how we conceive of JEDI work, and to point towards a brief but curated set of useful resources. You can find here, for example, a brief introduction to the move from DEI to JEDI, a discussion of how JEDI principles are being considered in higher education endowments, and our JEDI officer’s introduction to JEDI at REA.

JEDI in higher education:

Association of Theological Schools
American Academy of Religion

JEDI specifically in religious education

The JEDI commitments from Earth Ministry in WA state, USA