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REA Annual Meeting 2016

4-6 November, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

REA2016 Preparing to present

As you prepare your presentation for our conference, it is important to keep in mind several things:

First, make sure you understand the specific guidelines for your poster, RIG paper, or workshop. (The proposal submission page is still available, if you find the outlines noted there useful for your work).

Second, remember that your paper, poster, or workshop outline must reach our executive secretary, Lucinda Huffaker, by September 15th. Presentations which have not been received by that deadline will be removed from the program.

Third, please note that you must be both a member of REA, and registered for this conference, by October 15th.

Fourth, we appreciate it if you can minimize your need for A/V support. We offer $25 rebates for members who bring along their own projectors and allow us to use them for other breakout groups (contact our networking coordinator Mary Hess for details). There are specific instructions for A/V support for poster presentations, please read them carefully.

Fifth, shortly before the November meeting you will receive an email listing the moderator for your session. Please be in contact with them so that you are clear about the process that will be used for facilitation in your session.

Finally, RIG papers can be revised and submitted for publication in our special journal issue following the conference.  The deadline for consideration is January 1st, please make sure to format your paper appropriately for that submission.

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