Coexistence in Divided Societies

Pedagogies of the Sacred, of Difference, and of Hope

REA Annual Meeting 2019

1–3 November, Toronto, Ontario

REA2019 News

  • Advisory Council summary

    The newly re-constituted REA Advisory Council met at the end of the 2019 meeting, and here is the summary of their discussion.

  • PPT from Tsafrir Goldberg

    Tsafrir Goldberg from the University of Haifa in Israel graciously agreed to have us post his slides from the plenary presentation he made. You can find them here.

  • Getting underway!

    Our meeting is about to launch! A couple of quick notes to remember: our first plenary begins at 8:30 am (that is earlier than usual), and is given over to the Kairos Blanket Exercise. Please remember that you will be asked to remove your shoes to participate in this sacred grounding, embodied pedagogical process.

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