Gender, Sexuality, and Wholeness

Religious Education for Confrontation and Healing

REA Annual Meeting 2021

5-9 July, Online

REA2021 Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a speaker or moderator, please also review our speaker cheat sheet.

How can I get into the sessions online?

If you have registered for the meeting, you should be able to go to the REA Annual Meeting 2021 Upcoming Sessions list on Run The World and enter any session.

Where can I find the papers and proceedings?

The papers are available on the REA2021 schedule on this website. Just expand any RIG session and click on the paper title to get a PDF of that paper.

The proceedings are not yet finalized, but will be made available before the conclusion of the meeting.

Where can I find recordings of sessions I missed?

You can find recordings soon after sessions have completed by visiting the REA Annual Meeting 2021 Upcoming Sessions list and scrolling to the bottom of that list, where you will find “Past Sessions.” Any recordings we have available will be listed with the past sessions.

How do I edit my personal profile? How do I add my picture?

Editing your personal profile in Run The World is very important since this is how people will “meet” you on the platform. When you are signed into Run The World, you will see your picture or initials in a circle in the upper right hand corner of the browser window. Click on that icon, then click on “My Profile” to see your profile. There should now be a blue “Edit” button on the screen, when clicked this button will bring up a form.

Using this “Edit Profile” form you can make sure your name is correct, that your “Headline” tells people a little bit about your (like your institution, your pronouns, or whatever you like), and that your “Bio” includes a brief description of what you do.

We also strongly recommend you include a photograph of yourself in your profile. Remember, in Run The World, this photograph will be the primary way that people can identify you when you are not “on stage”.

Where should I put my pronouns?

You are welcome to put your pronouns wherever you like in your personal profile. One nice spot for them might be as part of your “Headline” which appears right under your name. But you can also use the brief biography or even your name itself if you prefer. Note that changes to your profile can take a few minutes to become visible to other users.

Does changing my personal profile affect my speaker profile?

No, the personal and speaker profiles are different. Changing your personal profile will not change the information we have for you on the event pages and schedule. If you want to change that speaker profile or bio, please send the changes to info [at] religiouseducation [dot] net and we will update that for you.

Why don’t I see everyone in my session in the People sidebar?

The People sidebar defaults to a “Suggested” view that only shows those people Run The World thinks you might need to see. In particular, it will not show the entries for speakers to other speakers. If you want to see everyone, just make sure to select the “All” view under the People sidebar.

Where is that “grab the mic” button?

Grabbing the mic is how those in the audience can come up on stage in Run The World. If you are in the audience you will find the “Grab the Mic” button along the lower left, below the speakers. Click it just once and the moderator and speakers will be notified that you want to speak.

When they are ready to invite you up to stage, you will be asked to “allow” your browser to use your microphone and camera (for some users this happens every time you are invited onto stage, for others this “allow” step is only necessary the first time you are invited to the stage). Please make sure to “allow” your browser to use the camera and microphone. Then Run The World will show you a window where you have the option to select which camera, microphone, and speaker you will be using. Make sure to click “Accept” on this window.

Remember that Run The World does not have virtual backgrounds and does not screen out background sounds. More of your environment will be present with you than you might be used to from Zoom.

I’m a speaker, how do I invite people onto the stage?

You can ask people to “Grab the Mic” or you can invite people directly onto stage by having over their avatar (their picture) and clicking the “Invite to Stage” button.

Notice the microphone icon you have as a speaker along the bottom of the Run The World window. This is where Run The World keeps a list of all those who asked to grab the mic in the order in which they asked for the mic. You can click on their blue microphones to invite them up as you like.

How many people can be “on stage” at once?

The current maximum number of people Run The World will allow on stage at once is 15.

Can I chat privately with someone?

You can click on someone’s avatar (their profile picture) to start a one-on-one messaging session with them.

Where is this “Padlet” people are talking about?

Our Program Chair, Boyung Lee, set up a Padlet site for REA2021. She has invited everyone to share your thoughts, feelings, images, music, videos, and more inspired by the conference there. Please visit and leave a note!

Why am I not seeing the daily conference update emails from REA?

We are sending an update each morning of the Annual Meeting so that you can always have essential links close at hand. If you are not seeing these messages, it may be because they are landing in your spam folder. Please search for messages from “” to find these updates.

We use our Mailchimp account to send these messages. If you have unsubscribed from our Mailchimp messages, you will also not see these updates. Our Mailchimp system will send messages to whatever email address you have used for your REA membership, which may be different from the address you used to register for REA2021 at Run The World.

I’m having a technical problem, who can I reach out to for help?

Please feel free to reach out to our REA team with any question or concern, just write to info [at] religiouseducation [dot] net. If you think the problem is with your Run The World account, you are also welcome to contact support [at] runtheworld [dot] today with problems.

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