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Courageously Co-Creating

REA Annual Meeting 2022

5-8 July, Online

REA2022 Member, Harper Wornom Committee

There are three positions open, this is a 4 yr term from September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2026.

Bert Roebben, PhD

As a longstanding member of the REA-APPRRE, I am honored to be nominated as a member of the Harper Wornom Committee. I believe that the connection of the two funded elements – the Harper Award for outstanding academic scholarship in RE and the Wornom Innovation Grant for projects “on the ground” – is a good representation of the spirit of the association. I would love to support this spirit in the coming years.

This association has always been central to my work as a professor in religious education. I have been presenting loads of work in progress during many conferences and have encouraged my doctoral students to do the same. I have been teaching theology and RE in Leuven (Belgium), Tilburg (the Netherlands), Dortmund (Germany) and Bonn (Germany). Publications and CV can be found on my homepage

In 2017 I served as the president of the association. That was a great honor to me, which I especially experienced while being supported by so many friends and colleagues in the board and in the respective committees. The work of the association has a long history – going back to the end of the 19th century. But the association has also a brilliant future ahead, facing so many local and global challenges for RE.

I am looking forward to continuing the important REA-work through this committee.

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