Becoming Good Ancestors

Courageously Co-Creating

REA Annual Meeting 2022

5-8 July, Online

REA2022 Member, RE in Academic Disciplines and Institutions Committee

There are two spots available. This is a 2 year term from September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2024.

Karen-Marie Yust, PhD

Rev. Dr. Karen-Marie Yust is the Josiah P. and Anne Wilson Rowe Professor of Christian Education and the Director of the Children’s Spirituality Research & Innovation Hub at Union Presbyterian Seminary (Richmond, Virginia, USA). She has strong ties with the American Academy of Religion and the International Association for Children’s Spirituality as well as REA, and is excited to help revive the work of the RE in Academic Disciplines & Institutions Committee so that scholars outside the guild might benefit from interaction with the REA, and REA members might discover new connections in their areas of interest.

Karen-Marie’s current research studies the effects of digital culture on spirituality, particularly among children, youth, and young adults. She is also exploring new findings regarding young children’s moral development that suggest encouraging curiosity and expanding social ideals of kinship will better nurture spiritualities that embrace diversity, than traditional faith formation methods. She is interested in taking religious education outside conventional programming to other venues, such as online sites ( and non-religious gathering spaces.

She is an ordained pastor and certified Christian educator, with dual standing in the United Church of Christ and Disciples traditions, as well as the parent of three young adult children.

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