Dear Earth

Innovating Religious Education Through the Lens of Climate Justice

REA Annual Meeting 2024

8-12 July, Online


Rev. Dr. Dori Baker

Rev. Dr. Dori Baker describes herself a spy for hope whose vocation is to heal human division by creating space for radical hospitality. She is passionate about spiritual practices that sustain activism for the flourishing of people and our planet. Dori is the founder of Our Own Deep Wells: Awakening Soulful Practices for Wellbeing, a collective of faith leaders from across religious traditions working to broaden the mindfulness movement on college campuses to help address the mental health crisis. She is the author of numerous books at the intersection of leadership, faith formation, and young adult culture. Her most recent is Girl / Friend Theology: God Talk with Young People (revised edition releasing Fall 2023) which uses story-based theological reflection as a tool for combating gender oppression.

Rev. Dr. Wanda Stahl

Rev. Dr. Wanda Stahl is a spiritual guide, retreat leader, educator, and consultant who recently retired as faculty and Director of Contextual Education at Boston University School of Theology. She holds M.Div. and STM degrees from Boston University School of Theology and a Ph.D. in Theology and Education from Boston College. In 2021, she completed the year-long Seminary of the Wild EcoSpirituality Certificate, an experience which deepened her already strong connection to the Earth as a source of wisdom, guidance, and healing for navigating these challenging times. Currently, she is putting these learnings into practice through work as a Program Consultant for The BTS Center, an organization committed to nurturing spiritual leadership for a climate-changed world.

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