Graduate Student Travel Award

General Policy

Under the Graduate Student Travel Award (GSTA) Program, REA:APPRRE provides a limited number of student travel awards to help Student Members attend the Annual Meeting. Travel awards are partial reimbursements. Application deadline: September 1. Awards announced: September 10.


Awards of up to $400 per student ($500 if outside US) will be determined by the Steering Committee of the Board of Directors, based on the funds available and the number of requests.  Awards may be applied toward meeting registration fees, conference hotel expenses, and transportation.


To qualify for the GSTA, applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Is an author of an accepted REA conference paper or poster and will present it at the conference;
  • Is a Student Member of REA:APPRRE when submitting the GSTA application;
  • Is a full-time student registered toward a doctoral degree in religious education or a related field in a seminary or university when submitting the application;
  • Must meet all presenter deadlines (paper submission, registration, membership dues, etc.);
  • Has not received a GSTA award previously.

Criteria for Selection

Awardees will be selected based on strength of proposal, contribution to your graduate work, alignment with conference theme, and advancement of religious education.  Selection will also give attention to maintaining a diversity of topics, doctoral programs, and geographical regions among awardees.


To apply for a travel award, please submit the Travel Award Application Form to the Executive Secretary by September 1.  The Application Form includes

  • 350-word statement of how this presentation fulfills the selection criteria above;
  • other assistance you have received toward (any) professional conference presentations, e.g., previous travel awards;
  • signature of graduate advisor confirming your student status and recognition of your REA conference presentation as contributing significantly to a professional portfolio.

Receipt Requirements

The Executive Committee will review all travel grant applications and notify applicants about award decisions by the date indicated on the conference website.

To claim a GSTA, the student must present at the meeting.  Then complete the necessary voucher form and attach original receipts.  Email submission of pdf documents is accepted.  The voucher must be received by the Executive Secretary within 90 days of the last day of the conference.

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