Old Forms

These forms are no longer in use, but we have them here for the record.

REA Forms REA2021 Member Discount Promo Codes

We are counting on you to only use the promo code that actually represents your status. You will have to make note of this code and then enter it when purchasing your ticket at Run The World. When registering for your ticket, please use the same email address that you have used for your REA membership. This will help us confirm that the promo codes have been used appropriately.

Note that each promo code is a single word typed without any spaces.


As an REA member you can use the promo code “2021MEMBER” to get a 40% discount on REA2021 ticket pricing.


If you are a retired faculty member, please use the promo code “2021RETIRED” for a 60% discount.


If you are a member of ALLLM, please use the promo code “2021ALLLM” for a 60% discount.


If you are a student member of REA, please use the promo code “2021STUDENT” for a 68% discount.

Once you buy your ticket you will also get a chance to nominate someone new to REA who would be interested in attending REA2021 for free. As long as the person you are nominating has not been to our annual meeting during the past five years, we will send them a special promo code they can use to register for the meeting.

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