Updates to RE v.110 n.1

There was an article published in the January-February 2015 issue of Religious Education, written by Yonah H. Matemba, “Mismatches Between Legislative Policy and School Practice in Religious Education: The Scottish Case.” (Vol. 110, No. 1: 70-94. DOI:10.1080/00344087.2015.989097).

Graeme Nixon has written “Scottish religious and moral education” as a response to this article. Although the journal does not ordinarily publish rejoinders, the Religious Education Association’s desire to invite ongoing conversation about matters provoked by scholarship in our journal led the REA to publish (with the author’s permission) Prof. Nixon’s article on the REA website here. Please read his response to the original article, and we encourage you to participate in ongoing constructive conversation in the comments area of this page.

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