Jazz Sextet: The Garden St Six

For the enjoyment of all who will be attending Saturday, November 9th, 

REA Annual Banquet, The Jazz Sextet, The Garden St Six

will perform! 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM 

The Garden St. Six features: Phil Grenadier, trumpet, Brett Walberg, tenor sax, Eric Giribaldi, guitar, Tim Peck, piano, Brian Race, bass, and Josh Ziemann, drums. The group is made up of professional freelancers from the Boston and New York jazz scene and graduate students from Longy School of Music of Bard College. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and play an equally wide array of music; ranging from traditional jazz and blues to the classical and avant garde.  Influenced by Longy’s mission to encourage social change through music, the members of Garden St. strive to open the ears of their listeners to new sonic possibilities. The sextet’s soulful interpretations of classic jazz tunes are driven by exciting grooves and a modern aesthetic which will engage the casual listener and the expert alike.

About Durante, Dr. Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Durante, Ph.D. is a graduate of the Fordham University Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education. Her dissertation: “Teaching Children How to Pray: An Essential Dimension of Religious Education in a Postmodern Age,” provides a template for her catechetical ministry with religious educators, parents, and children. Born in Rochester, New York, Mary Ellen chose a career in music performance that included her husband and children. In 1999 she relocated in Florida to attend the Florida School of Massage and has been a massage therapist since that time. In 2009 Mary Ellen began her studies at Fordham University with a concentration in family, church and community. With an extensive background in curriculum development, music, and the arts Mary Ellen excels in integrating faith with creative educational programs that focus on performance, artistic production and assisting children and young people to realize their own creativity and potential. The underlining theme of her work is to show how quality religious educational programs and activities can provoke thoughtfulness, reflection, and spiritual awareness in serving others.
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