Share our meeting flyers!

Plans continue for our next annual meeting to be held November 4-6 in Pittsburgh. We now have two versions of a flyer that you can download and print, or send to friends and colleagues electronically.

This is a great way to start a conversation about our organization, and invite people to join us for the meeting.

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Conference update from program chair

At the first of May the call for papers for the 2016 conference in Pittsburgh has come to an end. And you have been responding massively! At a first glance, the harvest looks great: interesting papers and posters from all over the world, focusing on the con-texts, texts and textures of hopeful teaching today. “Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out,” wrote the Czech president Vaclav Havel. As a hope-driven educationalist and theologian I like this quote. It is all about staying concentrated on the deeper meaning of things happening in the world, in society and school. It is all about the decision not to give up on the deeper quality of an “examined way of life” (Aristotle), on the human capacity both to connect with and to transcend daily life in light of human dignity.

What we need in this troubled world are great teachers, who are compassionate and intelligent. The former Archbishop of Milano, Cardinal Carlo Martini, argued that future leaders will need to develop “spiritual muscles”: the will to understand cognitively but above all spiritually the challenges of the world and the power to respond with mind, heart and soul. This is an enormous challenge. But I am hopeful we will get there. In this respect, I am looking forward to reading more in depth the REA-proposals for November. But above all I am eager to see the faces again of the REA-members again and to listen to their stories, to their scholarship and to the fragments of hope they will be bringing to the table of learning in Pittsburgh.

Very best wishes for a good summer (at least for those on the Northern hemisphere…) from your president-elect, Bert Roebben.

P.S. Do not forget to fill out our membership questionnaire: we want to hear your voice!

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Conference updates

The proposal submission process closed on May 1st. We received a large batch of proposals for the conference, and people whose proposals are accepted will be notified by late June. Please remember that final papers and workshop outlines are due by September 15th.

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Proposal submission process now open

The proposal submission process for this 2016 annual meeting — Generating Hope — is now open. This year we are accepting proposals in Research Interest Group, Workshop, and Poster Presentation formats. There will be a particular emphasis on, and support for, Poster Presentations. You can propose a presentation in our process without being a member, but will need to join the association if your proposal is accepted through our blind peer process.

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Spirituality and the professionalism of the RE teacher

Bert Roebben, our incoming annual meeting program chair, has posted a paper which further lays out some of his ideas for the upcoming meeting. Here’s the abstract:

This contribution is situated in the European discourse on the role of the teacher of religious/worldview education in schools. Based on the assumption that every child and youngster has the right to deal with existential questions in a safe and solid learning environment, the author focuses on the specific role of the teacher to enhance religious/worldview competence and identity development in the students. Within the idea of professionalism three roles can be discerned: the teacher as a guide in fostering identity, celebrating diversity and building community. These professional roles have a counterpart in the spiritual disposition of the teacher. This argument is developed through a specific reading of the medieval German mystical theologian Meister Eckhart. Surprising thoughts on who the teacher is and what he should do (and eventually not do) are evoked and discussed.

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Introducing REA2016: Generating Hope!

Welcome to the REA2016 webpage, being launched today. Keep an eye on this space for many details of the meeting to come.

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