REA Annual Meeting 2022

5-8 July, Online

Becoming Good Ancestors

Vulnerable as we are
walking together
Resilient in dialogue

The divine is co-creating

Listening to resilient generations

Our transformation

Learning Ancestor
Courageously co-creating
Transforming life

Be Courageous, resilient, alive

Celebrate ascending into the future
Departing, rejecting, holding, releasing
Breathing, honoring
Celebrate ascending into the future
Departing, rejecting, holding, releasing
Breathing, honoring

Resilient transformation
Bring art in Balance
The ancestors
Are storytelling.

This is a poem written with the words of twenty-five of REA members’ six-word memoirs. These members responded to an invitation to the entire guild to co-create 2022’s theme. Pedagogically, it was crafted by taking each six-word memoir and scrambling them into a larger list of words. Teams were then asked to create a poem using only the words — representative of the very lives — of its members. The poem above is all of those individual poems pieced together. The collective lives, our words, weaved together to make art. 

What might be possible if we co-created within our guild? What bold idea, collaborative practice, or research might the guild do to advance the greater and common good? 

As a collection of religious education professionals — of some-bodies, not no-bodies — from across the globe, who are we really? What is the REA’s collective work? What could we accomplish together that might not be possible separate from each other? Who does our work serve? Why do we exist, together? These are questions of institutional purpose.

Recent Updates about REA2022

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  • Sign up for REA2022 sessions and invite others to do so
    The schedule for REA2022 is now available and you can use it to sign up for sessions today! If you REA membership is paid through July, you can attend REA2022 at no extra cost, so sign up for sessions now. This year will be our second annual meeting in a row to be held entirely … Continue reading
  • REA2022 Will be Online
    Following extensive consultation, including both a membership poll and significant discussion amongst both the REA Steering Committee and the REA Board, we have decided to once again hold our annual meeting in an online format. We decided to move to an online-only meeting for three reasons: (1) to ensure the design and delivery of an … Continue reading
  • Call for Proposals submission form now open
    The Call for Proposals submission process is now open for use. Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your response to the call.
  • Flyer to Announce REA2022
    Please download and post this flyer with details about the REA Annual Meeting 2022, Becoming Good Ancestors. Feel free to send it to your colleagues or post on social media. Color 8.5 x 11 inch flyer: Black and white 8.5 x 11 inch flyer (best when making plain copies): Widescreen JPEG for use on slides:
  • Welcome to the REA Annual Meeting site
    This website is being launched in time to share with members at REA2021. Please remember that everything here is still in draft form until the REA Board meets and approves the theme and call. Feel free to let us know of any issues you see with the site any time. UPDATE: The theme and call … Continue reading