REA Annual Meeting 2022

5-8 July, Online

Becoming Good Ancestors

Vulnerable as we are
walking together
Resilient in dialogue

The divine is co-creating

Listening to resilient generations

Our transformation

Learning Ancestor
Courageously co-creating
Transforming life

Be Courageous, resilient, alive

Celebrate ascending into the future
Departing, rejecting, holding, releasing
Breathing, honoring
Celebrate ascending into the future
Departing, rejecting, holding, releasing
Breathing, honoring

Resilient transformation
Bring art in Balance
The ancestors
Are storytelling.

This is a poem written with the words of twenty-five of REA members’ six-word memoirs. These members responded to an invitation to the entire guild to co-create 2022’s theme. Pedagogically, it was crafted by taking each six-word memoir and scrambling them into a larger list of words. Teams were then asked to create a poem using only the words — representative of the very lives — of its members. The poem above is all of those individual poems pieced together. The collective lives, our words, weaved together to make art. 

What might be possible if we co-created within our guild? What bold idea, collaborative practice, or research might the guild do to advance the greater and common good? 

As a collection of religious education professionals — of some-bodies, not no-bodies — from across the globe, who are we really? What is the REA’s collective work? What could we accomplish together that might not be possible separate from each other? Who does our work serve? Why do we exist, together? These are questions of institutional purpose.

Recent Updates about REA2022

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  • Just one week away!
    Our annual meeting is now just one week away. Prepare by choosing your sessions on the schedule (this will also give the session moderators ways to reach you, if necessary), and then reading any of the papers for that session in advance (they are already linked online to each session). You can check out the … Continue reading
  • REA Ballot Available
    At the business meeting during REA2022 we will elect a new slate of committee chairs and members. The ballot for this election is now available online. Please come to the business meeting at the conference to vote!
  • Special journal issue
    We are less than one month away! We are looking forward to Becoming Good Ancestors with you.  Did you know there was a pre-conference issue with the theme?  If you are a member, go check out the submissions by logging into the member site and heading over to Taylor and Francis. There you will find … Continue reading
  • No No Boy Project
    No-No Boy Project is an immersive multimedia work blending original folk songs, storytelling, and projected archival images all in service of illuminating hidden American histories. Taking inspiration from his own family’s history living through the Vietnam War as well as many other stories of Asian American experience, Nashville born songwriter Julian Saporiti has transformed years … Continue reading
  • Featured speaker Kim Anderson
    Kim Anderson is an associate professor at the University of Guelph, and is affiliated with the Department of Family Relations and Human Development in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. Anderson is an Indigenous (Metis) scholar with a research focus on Indigenous mothering, Indigenous feminism, Indigenous masculinities, and Indigenous knowledge in urban settings.