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REA:APPRRE also has a presence on a number of social media sites. If you take part in these sites, give us a look!

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To read RSS feeds you first need an RSS reader. Many of use Feedly. But there are many options just a Google search away.

Once you have a reader, then you can simply add RSS feeds by pasting their sites’ URLs to the reader’s “add feed” feature. For example:

REA website:
REA2023 Conference website:

You probably will want to read the blog posts on your devices. Feedly and others have their own apps. But some of use NetNewsWire instead, where we can log in to a Feedly account.

Exactly how you read your blogs is up to you, as there are numerous apps for every platform, depending on the reader service you use. You can also use apps like NetNewsWire (for the Mac) on a single device without any sort of account, but many of us prefer the ability to access a collection of feeds we’ve subscribed to from whatever device we may be using at the given moment.

Of course, if you would rather subscribe to updates from our website via email, that works, too! Just go to our news page, click on the “subscribe” button in the right hand column, fill in your email address, and updates will come to your email address.

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