Prioritizing our work

From Bob O’Gorman:

As we have this discussion between now and February 15 a clarity of the initial topic(s) should emerge and then we can move on to the task of structuring the Think Tank as a vehicle to elaborate and provide wisdom. Just what will emerge from our discussion over the next two months is not clear. Thus, I do not see any restriction on the discussion we can have over this time. It is suggested that you go to the minutes of the 2013 meeting to begin to engage this dissuasion of priorities. For those of you who were not at that meeting this list may prompt other ideas. For those of you who were you may have developed other ideas. As recorded these statements are generalizations which obviously need refinement to lead to productivity. After 15 February will have a better sense of where the energy is for some initial topics for this Think Tank to take on.

I have made an initial post to begin our discussion:


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